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League of Women Voters of Washington County, AR



The League of Women voters is one of the oldest non-profits in the U.S. We are already planning for the celebration of our 100th anniversary in 2020! It was founded by leaders of the Suffragist movement in the U.S. that fought for the right to vote for women. It has gone on to work on voting rights for all, preventing voting fraud and opposing measures that exclude or limit voting. They hold voter registration events across the country each year, registering thousands of voters. The League is non-partisan and does not endorse any party or candidate. They do, however, study important issues and then take positions on them. Find out more about the League at the national level here: Our local chapter, League of Women Voters of Washington County, AR, serves the county as well as surrounding area, and is part of the state and national Leagues. Learn more about our local chapter here:  We hold regular membership meetings to work on studies about important current political issues, to plan our public programs and voter registration events, and to train our leadership and members to be effective advocates for the issue stands that we take. We meet with candidates for office and hold public panels with them prior to elections; learn about ballot initiatives and key current issues affecting you locally and nationally; produce useful public information brochures on how to vote; and plan public meetings to inform citizens about particular issues. Come and join us to learn the ropes in public policy making and elections, to help others become more informed voters, and to participate in the political life of our community without being bound to any political party's platform.  We love to train new leaders!
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