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This page is where you can find information about current and approved pro bono opportunities and enter and track your pro bono hours.

Service to the community is a core obligation of practicing attorneys and a value the University of Arkansas School of Law seeks to instill in its students. Through our pro bono program, we offer opportunities for service and recognize students who engage in substantial service.

Pro Bono Work is defined as any legal work performed by students for which they receive no academic credit and no compensation, which is approved in advance by the Faculty Director of Pro Bono Programs. The work must be  overseen by an attorney or member of the law faculty, and included in the list of legal services and activities set forth in Model Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1.

All opportunities posted in the School of Law – Pro Bono subgroup in GivePulse have been approved by the Faculty Director of the Pro Bono Programs as pro bono work. If you want to do pro bono that is not listed here, please email Professor Sara Gosman (sgosman@uark.edu) for approval. Law students are permitted to start doing pro bono work after the end of their first semester.

Students who perform 50+ or 100+ hours of approved pro bono will receive a silver or gold medallion to be worn at graduate and receive a notation on their transcript. In addition, pro bono is a wonderful way to gain insights into the law and legal practice, build relationships with lawyers, community organizations and fellow law students, add to your resume, and to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

The Law School’s policies regarding pro bono are in our Pro Bono Manual. If you have any questions related to pro bono, reach out to Professor Sara Gosman (sgosman@uark.edu).

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