Seeds That Feed


Everyday, across communities, there exists surplus fresh produce that will end up being either tossed in the dumpster or composted unnecessarily. At the same time, their are hundreds of families who can barely afford to feed themselves, much less gain access to fresh, nutritious foods. Food insecurity, food waste, barriers to healthy eating, and ultimately a misallocation of resources, are problems that are present in nearly every community. Seeds That Feed was created to help bridge these gaps and grow a healthier community through our efforts.

Seeds That Feed collects fresh produce every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the end of the Fayetteville Farmers' Market, as well as the Bentonville Farmers' Market (on Saturday only) and regional farmers by appointment. Volunteers will meet the farmers, and help with the collection and distribution. Our food goes to dozens of food insecure locations in the area. Additionally, we have mobile food pantries frequently with our mobile food truck, which has been decked out to provide a choice style pantry, improving the quality of the experience for everyone. Volunteers for Seeds That Feed have a unique opportunity to get involved with the community and improve health outcomes, and it's fun!
29 People | 100 Impacts | 303 Hours

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