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We are a non-profit organization that was founded here in Fayetteville, Arkansas in September of 2006. Although we are based here, all of our work is done in a small village in Kenya. Our principal project there is an orphanage called the JCO (James Christopher Opot) Children's Home, which is home to 19 boys and girls. It is their ‘home' in every sense of the word.  We do not allow adoption.  We assume all responsibility for our kiddos from the day we get them until they finish high school, after which time they will join either our JCO Graduate Program (which places them into a vocational program or technical school) or our RH Scholar Program (which provides a full scholarship to attend a 4-year college).  Once a kid joins us we legally adopt them into our home, they become a member of our family, and receive all the love and support we can provide.

We also have a few Outreach Programs in the community where our Children's Home is located:

  • Our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program helps to prepare 3-6 year olds for primary school with classes taught in both English and Luo (the local tribal language) while simultaneously providing high quality childcare for many working moms.  

  • Attending high school in Kenya requires the payment of school fees and can be expensive to the point of being cost-prohibitive for many parents.  Local principals and teachers work with us through our Secondary School Scholarship Program to identify those students who are the most in need of financial assistance and we pay for some (or all) of their fees.  

  • We also have a Maxi-Pad Program which provides a year's worth of Maxi-Pads to 500 girls at the local primary and secondary schools.

  • We occasionally collaborate with with local leadership in the village on infrastructure projects.  We've helped to build additional classrooms and dormitories for local schools and a maternity ward for the local health clinic.

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