The Artist's Laboratory Theatre


The Artist's Laboratory Theatre is a community-based, site-specific theatre located right in the heart of South Fayetteville.

Fun, justice, and radical compassion are at the foundation of our theatre company - and shape everything that we do.

All of the productions we make are original, and are produced by, for, and with various communities in Northwest Arkansas. In addition to producing theatrical work, we offer arts and theatre programs designed to use the arts as tools for healing, community building, and social justice with businesses, organizations, and neighbors in our community.

Our little home in South Fayetteville is a space for healing, art, community - and a whole lot of fun. Join us in our mission to create fun, justice, and radical compassion in your community! We are always looking for help - whether you want to greet people who come to our poetry shows, or meet our South Fayetteville neighbors as you flyer, we want you to be apart of what we do.

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Sustainable Development Goals
2 People | 1 Impact | 1 Hours | 23 Total Economic Impact