Women of Walton


The word “vitality,” derived from the Latin word vita, means life. It implies strength, energy, and presence. It also is rooted in the word vital, which means absolutely necessary. Women of Walton is about creating, recognizing, and sustaining the vitality of women in the Walton College, within the landscape of the University of Arkansas as a whole; acknowledging and promoting leadership; and building and sustaining relationships through networking and professional development opportunities. Through this professional group, we will support the Sam M. Walton College's EPIC values: 

Excellence: We are driven to be the best in everything we do.

Professionalism: We operate with integrity, humility, respect, and inclusion.

Innovation: We imagine possibilities, we create, and we inspire others.

Collegiality: We respect each individual, we value our differences, and we welcome all.

15 People | 13 Impacts | 22 Hours




Thank you for organizing this.
Welcome to the Women of Walton GivePulse group! We will be working through this platform to create and host community service events throughout the year. The idea is to create a space where the women of the Walton College can volunteer their time together to build community through community service. We hope to get our first volunteer opportunity going during the upcoming holiday season!