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Arkansas Miss Amazing 2019




This 501-C(3) non-profit organization holds an annual event for girls and women with special needs and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to provide opportunities for these young women that will help them build confidence, self-advocacy skills, and self-esteem in a supportive environment. We, at Miss Amazing, believe that girls and women with disabilities have all of the abilities necessary to accomplish amazing things, and we want to spotlight these accomplishments. We do this through an annual program where the contestants have an opportunity to visit with the judges and tell their story in a personal interview, showcase their talents onstage, and radiate beauty in their evening gowns.

Miss Amazing events celebrate the abilities of girls and women with disabilities. However, the social impact of Miss Amazing runs so much deeper. We've consciously chosen the aspects of pageantry that have proven to be the most constructive for our program participants and conducive to social change. As a result, Miss Amazing serves as a platform for girls and women with disabilities to make new friends, develop life skills, and dispel the commonly held myths about their value and potential. All of this is provided at no cost to the participant, as we operate fully on sponsorships and donations.

We also have something for men, our Right-Hand Man program. The objective of this opportunity is to give males with and without disabilities the opportunity to take center stage as a volunteer with Miss Amazing. Right-Hand Men are responsible for accompanying the participants onstage as they present themselves in their evening wear phase of the show.

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