Determined to Help U of A COVID-19 Response: Matching Current Needs with Assistance


Just hoping things get better isn't enough.  It takes caring about the safety, health, and well-being of those around us, and a commitment to make things better even when times get tough. 

We're determined to find ways to help support those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The University of Arkansas Community is determined to help with our time, commitment and expertise during these difficult days.  

We are launching this site to gather needs from our community so that our faculty, staff, and students can assist in whatever way we can to help.   Local agencies, schools, and community governments are encouraged to share needs that might engage our community by using our strengths, expertise and time.  

If you have questions about the types of requests that will be approved please email your questions to our response team at 

To our faculty, staff and students, we want to encourage you to stay safe, meet needs remotely and practicing social distancing.  We would ask that you track your service to requests made here by logging your hours here on Give Pulse our campus community service platform.  If you have questions about how you might help please email where your expertise, skills and time can be directed.

We're all in this together and our community is "Determined to Help".
9 People | 1 Impact | 6 Hours | 148 Total Economic Impact