Youth Bridge, Inc



Youth Bridge is one of the leading providers of comprehensive care to youth in crisis and their families in Northwest and North Central Arkansas.  With more than 50 years of experience, Youth Bridge provides at-risk youth and their families with preventative services, counseling, and to help strengthen families and build a stronger community.  Our goal is to provide safe, supportive, and empowering services in which teens and their families can resolve their crisis.


Youth Bridge is a non-profit agency that serves over 3,000 youths and their families each year in the areas of abuse, neglect, addiction, homelessness, mental health issues and behavioral problems. Our services range anywhere from providing an immediate safe haven, to individualized treatment plans, aftercare and support, prevention programs to offering transitional living. Youth related substance abuse, homelessness, and behavioral problems are not limited to select zip codes, social economic groups or certain geographic areas of northern Arkansas.  These are our neighbors and our children’s friends that need help. Youth Bridge is there to help turn the lives of troubled youth around and guide them back to a productive life. It is a community problem that requires a community solution.

Youth Bridge serves an nine-county area in northern Arkansas- Baxter, Benton, Boone, Carroll, Fulton, Madison, Marion, Newton and Washington.


96 People | 48 Impacts | 165 Hours | 3,722 Total Economic Impact

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