Children's Safety Center of Washington County



The Children’s Safety Center of Washington County empowers children to overcome abuse and begin to trust, hope, and heal.

Many recognize the CSC for the colorful handprints on our walls, providing an environment full of hope. The handprints are the heart of the CSC mission. The handprints remind not only the team but also, anyone who walks through our doors that it is society’s responsibility to support and assist child victims of abuse and their non-offending family members.
The CSC’s expectation is that alleged child victims of abuse are brought to the center so their immediate and ongoing needs will be met in a discreet, comforting, and nonthreatening manner, enabling the investigation process to be more efficient and less traumatizing. The CSC assists and brings together law enforcement, prosecutors, child protection professionals, and health practitioners. Our goal is for the child to disclose their abuse once during the investigation, so they will not be traumatized over-and-over by the investigation.
The CSC supports and connects the alleged child victims and families to community resources, as needed. The CSC offers five free programs: advocacy for the child and family, forensic interviews, forensic medical exams, therapy, and prevention education training.
Sustainable Development Goals
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