Horses For Healing



Horses for Healing is a therapeutic riding program located in Bentonville that started as a dream with only 11 students and soon became a reality with our founder, Mrs. Harriette Haburn.  It now serves over 500 children in the Northwest Arkansas area. 

The mission of Horses for Healing is to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs through therapeutic riding programs, with an emphasis on children.  Programs are provided regardless of ability to pay.  

We rely heavily on our volunteers to help with the weekly school program to lead horses and work as side walkers so the children have an opportunity to ride.  We have individual volunteer opportunities and special team projects to work on maintenance of our land and big projects to help improve areas!

Most people are encouraged as a volunteer and observer and filled with great pride to know the contribution they have made in the student rider & horse team.  When you get to witness a child progress from an overwhelmed beginner just comfortable observing to progress into the saddle and gain skills as a rider!  This is a wonderful place to fill your heart!  

64 People | 56 Impacts | 221 Hours

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