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Food Waste & Hunger Summit



To help raise awareness and share information on college hunger, the Food Programs Center will host a national food conference on the University of Arkansas campus during the spring semester on April 15th-17th, 2016. This conference will be directed to students, student affairs professionals, national hunger assistance groups, dining services providers, experts and thought leaders, and potential funders. The goals of the conference will include sharing the latest innovations in campus hunger relief, understanding cyclical and root causes of hunger, building and strengthening partnerships, and networking to share best practices. We are currently working with Food Recovery Network and other national groups to potentially co-host this event in an effort to bring diverse programs together as a coordinated and inclusive response to hunger on college campuses. The conference will also provide an opportunity for representatives from Tyson to showcase the company’s commitment to hunger relief and environmental stewardship while interacting with innovators in the field of college hunger.

As this conference will target mainly student groups and their advisors, we feel the need to be very mindful of the expense to these groups. To make it possible for more to attend we would like to provide low cost lodging options at Mt. Sequoyah Retreat Center in Fayetteville, transportation assistance between the airport, Mt. Sequoyah and campus and meals during the conference at campus dining facilities and at Mt. Sequoyah. Additionally, the conference fee will be designed to incentivize attendance while providing a small return on expenses. 
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