Service Learning


Service learning is a credit-bearing, faculty-directed, teaching-learning experience that is course specific. Service Learning strengthens academic content knowledge and sense of civic responsibility. Students build critical thinking skills as they engage in experiential, community-based activities that are aligned with and integral to academic course work. At the same time, the community (real people in real situations) benefits from assistance that would otherwise not be available.

Service Learning Course Criteria
  1. Administratively approved through a faculty evaluation process.
  2. Addresses a community (which includes schools, organizations, agencies and companies that comply with the rules of University of Arkansas) need through formal collaborations with program-identified appropriate partners.
  3. Supports attainment of one or more course learning objectives.
  4. Involves structured reflection.
  5. Demonstrates clear and articulated connection between service activity and course content.
  6. Requires five hours of service for every credit hour of course work.
  7. Involves training for students before working with partners.
Additional criteria may be program specific including but not limited to:
  1. Involves formalized partner training.
  2. Involves a signed agreement with a partner.
  3. Requires student liability insurance.
  4. Requires background checks and/or drug and alcohol screenings (varies by agency and academic program).
105 People | 2,069 Impacts | 13,873 Hours | 395,934 Total Economic Impact