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Casey Kayser

Health Coaches II and III are the field-based courses in the three-course Health Coaches sequence. Health Coaches will continue to be engaged in the processes of educating and motivating identified at risk patients to take an active and meaningful role in their health and well-being through schedule...
Community and Health PromotionCollege of Education and Health Professions (COEHP)24187.60148

Casey Kayser

This course combines literary and critical texts that attend to the social rather than technical aspects of medicine, focusing on such topics as the human condition, personal dignity, social responsibility, cultural diversity, and the history of medicine. Through readings, class discussion, writing ...
EnglishJ. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences16284.66105

David Hyatt

Foundations of Sustainability is an interdisciplinary course to introduce concepts and theories of sustainability at global, regional, and local levels. Emphasis is on four thematic areas of sustainability; social, natural, built and managed systems. The aim is to increase environmental literacy fo...