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Gave 3.00 hours on 01/24/2020
Eunice Alberson

I loved it. Didn’t know I could make such a difference. I really enjoyed getting to know some of the students and their future goals.

Gave 2.00 hours on 09/08/2019
Ann Gearity
Christine Smart

Sooie Suit Up was a great event! The students benefitted from the excellent prices, and personally, I found the work very rewarding. Helping these young men realize their vision of themselves in professional attire was fun, informative, and impactful. My time was worthwhile to them and myself at this event, and I'm already looking forward to next year.

Gave 2.25 hours on 09/08/2019 with Office Of Student Activities, Student Affairs, University of Arkansas
Marie Halvorsen-Ganepola

It was wonderful to see all the engagement with and by the students during an event that is so important in helping our students to put their best feet forward!

Gave 2.25 hours on 09/08/2019 with University of Arkansas
Ricky Thein

Ashley Doty is the best.

Gave 6.25 hours between 06/25/2019 and 07/11/2019 with Career Development Center, Fayetteville Parks And Recreation, Hispanic Women's Organization of Arkansas, Student Affairs, The Salvation Army Of Northwest Arkansas, University of Arkansas, WalmartGivesNWA, Yvonne Richardson Community Center
Molly Winkler

Today I got the opportunity to participate in Fraternity Day of service. I was able to distribute books donated by the Arkansas Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi to classrooms in Vandergriff Elementary school in Fayetteville AR.

Gave 1.00 hour on 02/19/2019 with Career Development Center, Greek Life, Panhellenic Council, University of Arkansas
Garry Butler

I enjoy volunteering for this event each semester to help our students with sizing for suits.

Gave 2.25 hours on 01/27/2019 with Student Affairs, University of Arkansas
Ugochi Isu
Juanita Muckleroy
Garry Butler
Kate Shoulders
Elizabeth McKinley

This was my first time helping with the Sooie Suit up and it was great. The CDC team was organized and the JCP team helped several students with measurements. I was amazed to see how many students were able to participate in this event. Overall, I hope to continue in helping out for this event.

Gave 2.25 hours on 09/09/2018 with University of Arkansas
Felisha Perrodin
J'onnelle Colbert-Diaz

Volunteers need just a few minutes of additional training in measuring, physical locations of items, and label info (example, red tags on men’s jackets mean slim cut)

Gave 2.25 hours on 09/09/2018 with Student Affairs, University of Arkansas
Claretha Hughes

I enjoyed helping the male students select ties, suits, and shirts.

Did environmental training of 3.00 on 09/09/2018 with Student Affairs, University of Arkansas