Liability Release Form

I understand and recognize the Policies and Terms & Conditions for the services provided by GivePulse.

By registering for this event, I agree to the terms as outlined in the on-line registration. I also agree that if the respective group and GivePulse tapes and/or takes photographs, video, print, case studies, reports or evaluations of this event and/or my presentation, I give permission for the use and public display now and in the future of such for charitable, promotional and educational purposes and waive and release any claim to personal ownership of such.

Therefore, for and in consideration of the respective group and GivePulse allowing me to participate in this opportunity, be it virtual, remote, or in-person, I hereby release, relieve, and hold harmless the respective group, GivePulse, its staff, board members, and representatives from any liability or claim of liability, except such liability or claim of liability as may result from gross negligence on the part of the respective group, GivePulse or local community coordinators.

By registering and accepting the online check input, I acknowledge that I have read this release of liability, the policies, terms and conditions, and am signing it voluntarily.