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  • Create A New Group or Agency
    1. If you are an admin of the University of Arkansas GivePulse (you see a "manage" tab on the left side of this page), or you have already created a group, skip step 2 and click the link in step 3
    2. If your agency or group is not on GivePulse, you can submit a request for one here
    3. Once you've created your group, request to have it be a subgroup of the University of Arkansas here 
  • Community Partners Affiliate with the University of Arkansas VAC by clicking here. This will allow students to see your volunteer opportunities, internships, and events. To learn more about the affiliate process click here 
    • Service Learning Faculty To answer questions on utilizing GivePulse for Service Learning courses, click here

    (07/01/2021 - 07/01/2022)